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More Wowhead goodness

Eliah Hecht

Once again, Wowhead has come forward with a few nice new features. First up, we now have dynamic searching (pictured), possibly spurred on by the new competition: just start typing and your search results appear right below the search box, summoned by the power of JavaScript. This even works in the newly updated Firefox search plugin. It doesn't get much more convenient than that, although I am partial to my keyword searches.

Secondly, we have scads of new filters, one of which fills a request from the last post to see all items purchasable with Badges of Justice. We can also filter for quest rewards from a given zone. Furthermore, filters are now usable on more pages: quest subset pages, zone page quest tabs, and token pages. There is a useful filter for items that are new in patch 2.4. It is also possible now to see what items share a cooldown with a given item (example). Finally, quest difficulty levels have been added to quest pages, showing at what levels the quests are red, orange, yellow, green and grey, and forming a nice pretty rainbow. Now where are my ponies?

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