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Motorola gets snubbed again, Samsung won't be buying either


It looks like Motorola is fast running out of potential suitors for its cellphone business, with Samsung now joining LG and Sony Ericsson is saying that it has no interest in picking up the division that Motorola is supposedly still "committed" to. Specifically, Samsung's Choi Gee-sung said that Motorola would not make a good "supplement" for the company, and that there are "many overlapping areas and little to gain," which pretty much echoes the sentiment from the two aforementioned companies. Despite increasingly appearing like the player no one wants to pick for their team, however, some unspecified "analysts" think that the division valued at $9 to 12 billion could eventually find a buyer, and they're throwing around names like Huawei and even Dell as possibilities. Needless to say, we'll believe that last one when we see it.


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