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NCsoft's first console game to be announced this year

Michael Zenke

Wired notes that, while we still don't know which game NCsoft will be bringing to the PlayStation 3, we can rest assured it's coming soon. Last week's DICE event gave the website a chance to talk to NCsoft's Chris Chung about their future plans for the console. While just a short time ago Mr. Chung was cagey about those details in chats with both Massively and 1up, he was willing to put some details on the record for Wired.

Said the new President, "[We'll have] something to announce--not only announce but to show--by the second half of this year. I'm pretty psyched about that." The piece goes on to note the obvious ways to go: porting some of the more console friendly titles like Guild Wars or Tabula Rasa to the system. Chung says that's not their goal, though, and hints that their announcement will be an all-new title geared specifically for a console. Even though they already have several titles in the works, it'd be great to hear about a brand-new game from this company. Perhaps such a new game would be coming from the mysterious Carbine studios? Only time will tell.

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