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RIM promises HSDPA BlackBerry, hints at touchscreen models


While rumors of a touchscreen BlackBerry are nothing new -- and hey, we've even got ourselves a patent to go on nowadays -- it's still encouraging to hear promising hints from the likes of RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. When asked if RIM would release a touchscreen version of the BlackBerry, Balsillie sounded optimistic. "For sure we're looking at all kinds of different device packaging and presentation," he said. "I think getting religious on packaging is not the way to go, it's really user preference-oriented." Whether that means we'll be seeing an iPhone look-alike, or something completely different in the near future is yet to be seen, but at least we do have word that HSDPA is showing up in a BlackBerry near you before long: "Certainly going to HSDPA is something that's very important to us in the near term," said Balsillie.

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