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The Daily Grind: Effective guild recruiting?

Among the many places I crawl for news and interesting tidbits are some of the different unofficial MMO forums. But no matter if it is World of Warcraft or City of Heroes, it seems like there is always someone recruiting for their guild/supergroup/etc. Now, I'd note that I come from a relatively small guild, where several of us have played together since EQ. To me, the concept of open recruiting is a very strange one, as our group just doesn't do that. (The trade-off is that we're not on the bleeding edge of progression either.) But as someone who faces being a free-lancer in many other games that my home guild is not in, I have had to deal with pushy guild invites and pleading invites -- and those certainly never interest me.

So this morning, we thought we'd ask you -- what's your best way to find new guild members? Does your group put out a recruiting call in different forums? Do you generally have people banging down the door to get into your group instead? Do you think it's best to play with someone several times before you recruit them so you have an idea of their tactics and abilities? Or is it just x-class, x-number, bring them in and work out the details later?

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