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Tranquil readying T7-HDX to expand storage of T7-HSA server

Darren Murph

Apparently, Tranquil's Windows Home Server-equipped T7-HSA wasn't a half bad device -- save for its single internal HDD and complete lack of expansion options outside of external USB storage, that is. Thankfully, the company is reportedly on the way to remedying said niggle with the T7-HDX, which "slides on to the T7-HSA's chassis to form one integral unit, and can be configured at purchase with a range of storage options which are managed via an internal port multiplier." We're hearing that the T7-HDX accessory will be available in a 2 x 500GB model and a 2 x 1TB edition for £249 ($485) and £449 ($874), respectively, and while we've no idea exactly how "discounted" they'll be for existing T7-HSA owners, you folks should certainly keep an eye out when the HDXs land in March.

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