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Trolltech blesses Qtopia with finger-friendly touch, Outlook sync support

Chris Ziegler

Mobile Linux flagbearer Trolltech appears to be carrying on at a nice clip in the wake of its acquisition by Nokia, and for its Qtopia Phone Edition platform, things just got a little sweeter. The company is using MWC as its stage to announce version 4.3, which is actually a good deal more revolutionary than its one-tenth increment would lead on. Biggies in the new build include a new UI theme designed to be finger-friendly (which makes total sense considering Trolltech's endorsement of the keypadless Neo1973 as the hackable, Linux-based mobile of choice for the moment), the "Qtopia Sync Agent" which ushers data between a Qtopia device and Microsoft Outlook, and support for Real's Helix DNA media engine, among other things. The goods are already available in beta, open source form from Trolltech's site, so hack away.

[Via Geekzone]

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