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TurpsterVision : Dancing in the Endless Forest [Updated]

Mark Turpin

Every Tuesday think "T" for Turpster and take the "a" in "day", capitalise it, remove the little bit in the middle, turn it upside down and you get a "V". Put the two together and you'll have TV for TurpsterVision -- the best Internet video podcast on Massively! (Nevermind that business about it being the only video podcast on Massively...) Check it out after the break!

If you want to know how EPIC the intro for TV would have been had Turpster not had the help from the fantastic, awesome, uber-talented, Johnny Voruz from Unforgotten Realms then be sure to check out the extra video we included after the break! We'd like to note that Turpster is a highly trained professional, and as such, you should not attempt to recreate anything you see in TurpsterVision!

Here is your extra-special previously-unreleased Turpster intro!

[Update] Moved videos behind the break for formatting.

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