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WoW Moviewatch: My Burning Valentine

Moo Money

In January 2006, a group of friends, including Dopefish and Malu05, decided to create a community machinima project, Nogg-aholic Collaboration, or NAC, to showcase World of Warcraft in ways that they felt had not been done before. Named after the time period in which it was filmed, February 2006, My Burning Valentine was intended to highlight what NAC was all about, as well as its guidelines. However, the more that they explored the depths of their creativity, the less that they wanted to show off this film!

As they continued to add to the guidelines for NAC, the release date was being pushed farther back. In the end, their interest waned, so they closed down the forum and moved on, leaving this video behind as a memory. For further explanation of the project, as well as more clips, check out Dopefish's video page for My Burning Valentine.


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