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Ask Engadget HD: Is it finally safe to buy a Blu-ray player?

Darren Murph

When Warner made its move to support the Blu camp exclusively just before CES commenced, we still figured HD DVD had a fighting chance at staying alive for a good bit longer. Needless to say, it seems as if the Blu-ray bandwagon is getting more crowded by the minute, with Netflix vowing to only carry BD titles in the future just this week. We're not about to say the format war is all but done just yet -- after all, we've seen too many zany things happen to jump to such conclusions already -- but this week's Ask Engadget HD question is particularly timely.

"I've been holding off on buying a high-definition player of any kind until prices settled down a bit and one format looked to be in command. I realize a combo player would solve the dilemma, but since I'm looking to support one format or the other, I'm beginning to think now is a good time to finally buy a Blu-ray player. Is that the general consensus?"

Well, you heard the man -- is it? If you were still an outsider in this drawn out battle and were just dying to get in, would you take the plunge and pick up a BD player? Or would you store your wallet far, far away until the dust settled a bit more? Sound off below!

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