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Bring home the bacon this Friday

Eric Caoili

We were quite proud of ourselves for contributing the subtitle to Barnyard Blast: Swine of the Night, but Insert Credit's Brandon Sheffield was actually brought in to help rewrite the script! Why don't developers ever hire us to help plot out their projects? We have this wonderful idea for a game in which you play a cat who has to wake people up from their nightmares.

Though Brandon doesn't exactly give the Castlevania parody his vote of confidence, citing its linearity and difficulty as rough points, he does promise a plethora of "retro game meme" references.

Robert: Julia, I alone can save our son!
Julia: Robert, my love! I just want to tell you ...
Robert: No, no, don't try to stop me, Julia!
Julia: Get some bread while you're out, okay?
Robert: ...
Robert: The time for bread has passed ... perhaps forever. I'm off!
Julia: It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Menu: Get equipped with: Slayer Whip

Jeuxvideo already has an unflattering review posted with new screenshots (viewable in the gallery below) and video from the first eleven-and-a-half minutes of the game's French release. Koji Igarashi apparently tried out the game and gave Brandon advice on possible improvements, so if enough copies sell, maybe we'll see a much-more-polished sequel? Barnyard Blast will be available for public purchase this Friday, but you likely won't find it anywhere outside of Amazon, where it's listed for a bargain $19.99.


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