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Great googly moogly, we're two!

Chris Ziegler

Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Seems like just yesterday we were all fake-typing away on our paper Qs (oh, come on, don't act like you didn't make one, too) and dreaming of a 3G future. Two years later, we're already talking about 4G trials, the original Motorola Q feels like a fading memory while its maker teeters on the brink of a similar fate, and thanks to a wireless industry that never fails to keep us on our toes, we're as obsessed and excited about cellphones as we ever have been before. Yeah, we're giving ourselves a little pat on the back for making it through our teething years, but let's be honest: Engadget Mobile owes the entirety of its success to its brilliant competition for keeping us sharp, its ever-supportive parents, and more than anything, its awesome readership (that's you, people!). Here's to another two years of killer mobile coverage, yeah?

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