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Lionsgate president expects industry to "unite behind Blu-ray" this summer

Darren Murph

As support continues to just fall in the lap of the Blu-ray camp, Lionsgate president and co-COO has been quoted as saying that his company "expects the industry to unite behind Blu-ray by the summer." This was uttered yesterday during a spirited investor call, and was followed up by his suggestion that this so-called unification could "drive the current HD market to triple in size from $300 million in 2007 to more than $1 billion this year." He also noted that 2008 would mark the first year in which it would see "meaningful revenue in digital delivery," and mentioned that "Blu-ray revenue in January [2008] was about seven times higher than last year." Of course, all of this probably speaks more about industry trends than anything else, but it's seems safe to say that at least one bigwig at Lionsgate isn't scared to pronounce his admiration for BD.

[Via Blu-ray, thanks Kiwi616]

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