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More waiting for No More Heroes in Europe


European gamers are already feeling pretty sensitive about No More Heroes, since they're getting the original Japanese version and not the "extra bloody" American version. Now there's one more thing to complain about, as Rising Star Games has bumped the release date back a week from February 29th to March 7th. That's not too long to wait, but considering that the game has been out for two months in Japan and one month in the U.S., we can imagine how it would sting.

In lighter news (to distract the European audience from the boiling rage they're sinking into), check out Suda 51's joking, Suda-like design idea for an 'adult' Mario game: "Maybe Mario could wear an Italian suit and have a machine gun," he hypothesized, adding, "But Nintendo probably wouldn't like that idea." Oh, Suda, you certainly do enjoy making games about professional killers.


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