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R-Type Command bosses PSP around on May 6



As you can see, we follow Atlus USA's requests to the letter. The quirky company has asked us to tell you lot about R-Type Command, "a bold new turn-based strategy entry in the long-celebrated series of side-scrolling shooters." Hitting the PlayStation Portable on May 6th, the game has players going up against the evil "Bydo Empire" in "exciting tactical gameplay!" The exclamation mark is theirs.

You'll have close to a hundred different upgradeable units at your command, including those hailing from the aforementioned Bydo Empire. Oh, and a little protip for those eager to engage in the wireless Ad-Hoc multiplayer: Make sure your underwater module with powerful anti-air missiles and torpedoes doesn't lose its resupply function! (That one was ours.)

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