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Someone thinks BioShock on mobile phones is a good idea

Kyle Orland

Quick, name one thing that could improve the epic, graphically and acoustically rich experience that is BioShock. If you said "squeezing it onto a cell phone with a three inch screen, tinny speakers and a memory cache the size of my old 486" then you could probably get a job at mobile developer IG Fun, which has just secured the mobile phone rights to the game.

"We're trying to do great things and BioShock on mobile promises to offer a whole new gaming experience and unmatched excitement amongst mobile gamers the world over," said IG Fun CEO Sean Malatesta. Unmatched excitement, you say? Surely you don't think BioShock mobile will be more exciting than IG Fun's other mobile "hits" like Rush Hour 3 and the improbably named Good Night Mr. Snoozleburg. Because that would just be crazy.

[Via X3F]

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