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Sony Ericsson's X1 running some fancy new version of Windows Mobile?

Chris Ziegler

If you thought the X1's crazy panel interface was just a little too crazy for Windows Mobile 6, well, there might just be some truth to that. Mobile-review is reporting that the X1 will be among several late-2008 devices arriving with some post-6.0, pre-7.0 version of Windows Mobile that features a number of yet-to-be-disclosed goodies, which is why Sony Ericsson's generally been pretty stingy with the hands-on time at Mobile World Congress this week. We're not sure if this is simply another way of saying 6.1 or yet another interim build to hold us all over until the platform gets thoroughly revamped, but honestly, right now we're just kinda looking forward to sliding that beautiful keyboard open and closed a few times more than anything else.

[Via SEfanatics]

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