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PTR Notes: Nethers no longer BoP

Eliah Hecht

Nethaera promised that patch 2.4 would be progressively tested, and we are now seeing that she was indeed correct. Some major changes have been applied to the PTR tonight:

  • Nether Vortices can now be purchased for 15 Badges of Justice (and 7g20)
  • Both Nether Vortices and Primal Nethers are no longer bind on pickup
  • Retribution Paladin season one and two armor now has resilience
  • Resilience now affects mana drain (by about 20% at 400 resilience, for example)
Vortices and Nethers being BoE is a huge change; my initial reaction when I saw the tip come in was "WHAT", in all caps, just like that. On the one hand, this makes top-end crafted items much more accessible. You no longer have to find a crafter who has both the pattern you want and a nether. On the other hand, it makes running heroics less profitable, since primals will probably not sell for as much on the open market as the premium that you can charge for crafting with them (often around 100g on my server). But I suppose we'll see. Overall, it looks like a good change, in the direction of making it easier for casual players to work towards high-end items. The game seems to be trending in that direction, for the better in my opinion.

News on more changes is forthcoming; I thought this was big enough to be worth posting ASAP.

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