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Blu-ray sales surpass 2 million in Europe

Chris Powell

After officially surpassing the one millionth sold PlayStation 3 in the United Kingdom, the PS3 has done its part once again to reach another impressive milestone. The Blu-Ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee has announced that Blu-ray disc movie sales have now sold more than two million units throughout Europe.

So far this year, Blu-ray holds a 79 percent share of all high-def movies sold across Europe. "DVD-Video was first introduced into Western Europe in 1997, and the following year some 230,000 DVD players were installed and 2 million discs were sold through," the association said. "In comparison, Blu-ray Disc made its first tentative launch in Western Europe in 2006, and the following year some 3.2 million PlayStation 3 consoles and 34,000 standalone players were installed, while 2.3 million Blu-ray discs sold through."

That's a lot of fancy talk for: "Blu-ray is kicking ass and taking names." The BDA said its next goal is to "move Blu-Ray Disc into the mainstream," and it appears to be well on its way to reaching that goal.

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