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EA responds to BioWare/KOTOR MMO rumor

Kyle Orland

Looks like we may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves yesterday when we reported that the Knights of the Old Republic series was heading back into BioWare's able hands. According to a note from EA PR, the slide in the analyst report referenced by Eurogamer (pictured above) only referred to KOTOR as part of BioWare's past portfolio, and did "not specifically address future sequels."

BioWare fans shouldn't despair though ... EA did confirm that the "New MMO" listed on the slide is, in fact, a new MMO under development at BioWare Austin. So ... yeah. With the reports of a BioWare/LucasArts collaboration and rumors of a KOTOR connection still floating around, the speculation train isn't likely to be derailed here.

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