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Gamers on the Street: Love trumps patch news


Gamers on the Street logs into U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

When we logged onto Aerie Peak to visit with players for this week's installment of Gamers on the Street, we thought we'd be in for a nice chat about patch 2.4, The Sunwell Isle. But that's not exactly what we got. It's not as if there weren't players to talk to. At prime time on this heavy-load server, there was plenty of hustle and bustle in the major cities. In fact, there was more activity than usual. But it wasn't an infusion of energy from reading about the new content now being tested on the PTRs that inspired all this activity: love was in the air.

We gave up trying to make direct contact with players after being soundly ignored by an award-winning streak of more than 20 Horde players, all intent on curing their broken hearts. Most of the players who replied to a general query for their impressions on the patch reports responded with a question of their own: "Hey man, I heard about that patch thing. What exactly is gonna be in there?" In desperation, we finally shot a whisper to the lovely young troll who had been pelting us with rose petals for the past five minutes. She was generous enough to share her thoughts on what was ahead – and her rose petals cheered us up long enough to finish surveying several other players. Thus, we bring you this week's word on the street – such as it is – of what's on players' minds about the upcoming patch.

Nomouth, 70 Undead Mage <Demonic Disciples>
We started out visiting with a young chap who shot us a whisper after we queried general chat for impressions of the patch.

Nomouth: hey

Gamers on the Street: Hey there, have a sec to tell us what you think of the new patch action?

lol what exactly is inside the patch?

So I take it you don't keep up with stuff from the test servers much?

nope :)

Why's that, if I might ask? Avoiding spoilers?

thats how i roll. whats the point of the game if you know wahts going to happen. know what i mean? :)

Yeah, I know what you mean. ;) Are there any specific areas of the game that you're into that you make exceptions for -- say, keeping up with crafting changes or certain raid bosses?

Well. i would love to know what new items and enchanting spells there will be, for mages that is

Ahhh, so the vow of silence has a small crack! ;P

lol yes it does :) always a flaw in system xD

Have you ever run over to the test server to check something out?

i have never done that before

So do you think you may slip on over to a WoW site someplace and look up some of those item and enchanting facts you're interested in?

you bet i would will

At this point, we can only hope Nomouth had truly caught Sunwell Isle fever – because with that, he was off, sight unseen:

No player named 'Nomouth' is currently playing.

Derindi, Level 60 Troll Shaman <Raising Hell>
Next, we turned to the gracious troll who had been dancing and showering us with rose petals.

Gamers on the Street: So are you keeping up with the patch news for the new Sunwell content?

Derindi: Following along on your site, actually. :)

So spoilers don't bother you?

Not really. I think it's better to have an idea of what you're going into instead of going in blind, especially if you want to succeed. Plus it's always fun to have something to look forward to.

Sounds like maybe you have some other characters -- besides Derindi, that is?

I have a couple of abandoned alts, but this is the farthest I've gotten in the game before. My husband's been playing for a lot longer than me, though, so I've been watching him play for a while now.

Ahh. Is he into raiding or PvP?

Little bit of both, mostly focusing on raiding right now, though he's had to cut back because of his work hours. :(

I hear that -- you don't see Gamots the level 1 out raiding tonight, now, do you? ;P So you've both been following the notes and watching for what's coming up?

Definitely. And I'll get there eventually, vicariously or otherwise. :) It's still fun to see what Blizzard's got planned for us.

What sounds coolest to you? Both for Derindi, and just in general?

Well, being of the shammy persuasion, hoping for some love in that department still. Haven't given up hope yet. And of course my new Stormstrike icon. ;)

I hope it's not too long of a wait. Think you'll make it to 70 in time to hit the new content?

Here's hoping. Everyone says things slow down after 60, so maybe, maybe not.

What about your husband? Any big plans for the new stuff?

Yeah, we just went through the Dark Portal last night. He's actually working on a second 60 along with me. Outland, here we come!

Any other thoughts on the new stuff coming up?

Looking forward to seeing the new BG changes. This server's Horde is a bit ... less accomplished than some it seems, so we'll see how that works out.

Do the changes sound like they'll make an impact on this server's weaknesses?

WSG especially, I think it might give us a hand. It always seems like AV's a bit of a confusion, especially since it's changed so much. That one we'll just have to wait and see.

Fair enough. Alright, I'm off to pester your Alliance compatriots. Thanks for the insights, and have a good one!

Tazaro, Level 70 Night Elf Druid <Under the Influence>
We dismissed our troll-self into the nether void and slipped back onto Aerie Peak on the Alliance side to chat with this laid-back Druid.

Tazaro: What's going to be in this patch, anyway?

Gamers on the Street: I take it you don't follow the notes from the test server?

i havent been on it in a while

Oh nice -- you've tested stuff out before, then?

privet servers (love them) kind of

I see. So why are you not following the changes this time around -- short on time, avoiding spoilers, what?

dont care to much it doesetn ussaly affect me that often

Surely as a level 70, though, you'll be headed into all the new content? Do you raid or PvP much?

all the time lol

Well, plenty of big changes coming to both of those, for sure.

i think ive heard of the buffs in av

So what did you think? I've heard from some Horde players here that they think the changes will be positive.

becuz they alwayz win.. During the day (muhahaha)

Really? The player I last talked to didn't seem to think Horde was very strong.

they arent strong just a lil better stratige at day time

So do you think the AV changes will help even things out? Or do you think it's not going to make much of a change on this server and battlegroup?

i dunno they alrdy mess'd it up big time with the non raid que like premades

What about all the big stuff being tested in WSG?

hate it i quit that along time ago

So will you be out there doing the new dailies and 5-man when the patch hits the regular servers?

might be. still havent been to ZA yet

Pretty much just taking it as it comes, huh?

yea not much of a planer

Well, there's definitely going to be plenty to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and have a good one!

u to have a nice night

Deess, Level 70 Night Elf Rogue <Drunken Tigers>
The next player we spoke with came right out of the gate with things on his mind.

Deess: combat rogues need a buff in some way, they are falling way behind all other classes that are getting buffs

Gamers on the Street: Oh? So have you been keeping up with all the changes on the PTR?

no, i get annoyed at the fact that recently a lot of class buffs have been made but its creating more of an inbalance than balance, hunters and mages have become as overpowered as palladins are believed to be. if you examine the combat spec though, nerves of steel, vitality, bladetwisting, weapon expertise are all very weak talent point choices for mid and late tree builds

So what's your tactic, then -- just hang tight, wait and see what arrives after the patch?

well i posted on the forum befoer but i could find my post two days later... the WoW forum navigation system is not too good. not too, new to forum friendly, but that is also most forums

Have you been watching all the new information coming out about the changes they'll be making and the new content for the Sunwell going in for 2.4?

yes, i beleive the game is becoming extremely simplified, and now that the new 5 man will be coming out, there will be a lot of people getting gear that they couldn't earn without the new patch

Is that bad? Getting gear without raiding?

no its not bad, but make getting the gear a true challenge, from what i've heard the new 5 man wont be too tough, but the rewards will be equivalent to prince...

Anything in particular you're looking forward to in the new content?

the fact that i will be able to get more gear easier... but not easier because the game is easier, it's easier to get a strong 5 man than 10 or 25 man

And you're hoping those 5-mans will be tough?

i dont want them to be like heroic shadowlabs, but if they are like heroic UB or SP then that might not be good because the lvl of the rewards. people will go form 70 blues to prince lvl epics in 1 day

So the gear balance is a big concern to you?

it is, but i think it has to do with the fact that the classes are becoming more inbalanced. so when you are making some classes more powerful... then making it easier for them to get the gear to make them even more powerful, it has an adverse affect on pvp

I hope everything turns out to be enjoyable in the end. Hey, thanks for your time.

yw. i was bored lol

Well, have a more exciting evening!


Love is in the Air and on WoW Insider. Check out our continuing coverage of the event and our guide to earning the achievement. And you better hurry; the holiday only lasts five days!

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