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Happy Birthday to Dungeons and Dragons Online

Michael Zenke

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online! Given the amazing new content they've been rolling out recently, there's certainly a lot to celebrate. A recent newsletter highlighted some of the game's newest projects, including a referral program to get friends and family involved and the very well-received Module 6 content. As a present to the players, the community team has dropped a few select tracks from the official DDO soundtrack onto the players site. (My favorite is the 'Tavern Rock volume 1' track.) I definitely hope they release more of these selections in the future; I love MMO music.

They're also offering up a new payment offering to honor the game's anniversary. For a limited time you can up a subscription, or have your subscription switched over, to paying only $9.99 a month. There's always a catch though, right? You have to sign up to pay for six months of service upfront, at a total cost of $59.94. That saves you about $18 that you would have spent on the service otherwise. Kind-of-weak payment offering aside, I heartily respect the work the Turbine folks are doing on that game. Say what you will about its place in the Massive genre, the game has its charms.

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