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Modu CEO says all Nokia can do is pray

Nilay Patel

While we certainly thought Modu's modular handset had promise when we played with it at MWC a couple days ago, the company's founder seems to think the little handset is about to shake things up in a big way -- in an interview with Israel's TheMarker, Dov Moran said that "all Nokia can do is go the church on Sunday and pray." According to Moran, the Modu is based on the reverse of Nokia's build-it-all-in philosophy, which has led to stagnation in the Finnish company's devices -- "I've been to the Nokia booth, and it's boring. Same device only with 16GB instead of 8" -- and the Modu's flexible nature will combat that. We're not sure -- that N96 was pretty hot -- but we love a good rabble-rouser, and it looks like the staid mobile industry just found one.

[Thanks, Benhur; Warning: Hebrew read link]

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