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New KOTOR rumor just that


The rumor mill was spinning at a manic pace yesterday thanks to a little analyst report from one of the biggest companies in the business, EA. The KOTOR listing after BioWare's name in the slide from John Riccitello's presentation told many of us that our prayers had been answered, and that the series had returned from whence it had come. Yet fate said that this was not to be. For you see, being less romantic about the subject than us, an EA PR representative told the press that the slide did not in fact refer to games in development, but rather "it addresses future and past titles" and that it's more of a company's pedigree than it's work order. As horrible as this news is there is actually a silver lining, that MMO they're still developing could still be Star Wars themed, and so (as niche as that corner of the universe is) there's still hope for a KOTOR MMO.

As a side note, this effectively kills the speculation over the continuation of the White Council project, as well as the rumored Black sequel and any other craziness that may have come out of the analyst meeting. Though there is always the possibility that it's all true and that the EA PR department exploded yesterday and went into damage control mode, with this being the result. PR departments have done crazier things.

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