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SNK Arcade Classics confirmed for Wii plus more!


Not only is the fate of the SNK Arcade Classics collection no longer up in the air (yes! It is coming to Wii!), SNK went ahead and announced two more Wii compilations in an email sent out yesterday. Both Samurai Shodown Anthology and King of Fighters: The Orochi Saga will also see Wii releases, as well as versions for the PS2 and PSP.

We don't know exactly which titles will be included, but the Japanese version of the Samurai Shodown Anthology contained Shodowns I through VI, and the KOF collection included KOF's '95, '96, and '97. That means that there's overlap between the collections, since Samurai Shodown will be on both the SNK Arcade and Samurai Shodown Anthology collections.

SNK will have all three collections on display at GDC. Hopefully they'll have some Neo Geo Stick 2's with which to test the games!

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