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'Stiq loves BLOX


As part of their crazy EA coverage yesterday, Joystiq's James Ransom-Wiley got to check out the EA/Spielberg joint BOOM BLOX, and the final word is that our initial assessment of the game was delightfully off-base. When it means that the game isn't worthless tripe, we will be happy to be proven wrong.

In fact, BOOM BLOX gets nothing but exaltation throughout the preview, being referred to as "very first-party" and "(feeling) like a Miyamoto game." The heart of BLOX's success is in its creation engine, which allows for an infinite variety of very different levels. Not only can different shapes be made using different kinds of blocks, but it is possible to design levels with different goals. Ransom-Wiley said "Imagine a bottomless bag of these pieces, a virtual world driven by 'real,' responsive physics (how hard you toss the ball actually matters), and the freedom to create; to set your own rules to the game."

This is the true magic of Spielberg, we think. We never would have guessed that a game about tossing balls at bricks would cause a Joystiq editor to declare "This May, put down Brawl, pick up those blox."


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