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Verizon's deal with the FCC on the way to all digital

Ben Drawbaugh

Last week we learned that Verizon was going to be handing out free STBs on its way to shutting off the analog this year, but if you were expecting an HD STB with Verizon's spiffy IMG, think again. To say the free box is going to basic is an understatement, in fact these boxes are so cheap other providers are going to be down right jealous. Because you see, Verizon struck a special deal with the FCC and will be allowed to deploy boxes with integrated security -- no CableCARD required and past the waiver date to boot -- and these boxes are reportedly about $80, compared to about $230 for the boxes everyone else has to use. While HD fans should be happy that those bandwidth hogs will be gone from the network, we can't imagine those still in the SD age will be too pleased that not only do they have to have a STB now, but a second remote that we're sure is well beyond their technical ability to program.

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