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Warner's stance on restocking HD DVDs: only if demand necessitates

Darren Murph

For folks who reckon that they'll get the urge to pick up one of Warner's previously released HD DVD titles after it officially starts supporting Blu-ray alone, listen up. DVDTown took the time to actually ping the studio and ask what it planned on doing with regard to restocking HD DVD titles after May 31, and according to Ronnee Sass, Vice President of Publicity & Promotion, it will only do so if the demand is there. More specifically, Ronnee stated that "if there is a product available in HD DVD and there is a request from a retailer, we will provide." Still, the bigwig went on to mention that "there may be isolated instances that an HD DVD title will be created, but as a general rule, our titles will be out in SD and BD only after May 31." On that note, we suppose you should get 'em while the gettin's good, right?

[Thanks, Sebastian]

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