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Achievements, a double-edged sword

You might remember our old pal David Dreger (aka Knuckles Dawson) from such articles as Achievements 101 and as the newest blogger for Rooster Teeth Productions. Well, it seems that talking Points on X3F wasn't enough for KD as a recent interview he conducted with Turok game designer Paul Parsons has just hit the internets.

In the interview Knuckles and Parsons tear down the curtain and reveal the mysteries and drama of Achievement points. According to Parsons, Microsoft issues a guideline of best practices to developers when creating an Xbox 360 title. Included is an Achievement guide that is used to help developers make the most of Microsoft's mandatory stat system.

Parsons also discusses how some achievements had to be removed because they broke the pace of the game during testing, including multiplayer points that balance the modes, the four types of gamers according to the guideline (Killers, Socializers, Explorers and Achievers) and much more. As an added bonus, Rooster Teeth is holding a dino-themed contest for some Turok swag. We suggest you check it out.

[Thanks, Knuckles]

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