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Comic Watch: Ding! meets the collective


Scott Kurtz may be a name familiar to some of you -- he writes and draws the webcomic PvP. Until recently, it was his only comic, until he was convinced by a friend to resurrect an old series he used to do centered around World of Warcraft, called Ding! The fruits of his labor you see before you.

In this strip, chosen at random by me, two of the players wonder how it is that a third player can possibly be playing WoW all the time, and one of them comes up with an intriguing hypothesis. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure the time frame in the last panel of dialogue should read 'Eight A.M. to four P.M.', instead of 'four A.M.'. That's okay, the joke still comes across.

If you'd like to see an MMO-related strip of your favorite webcomic appear here, send it along to our tip line, and make sure you include the absolute URL -- for example, rather than webcomic dot com/latest_strip.html, it should point to a strip's unique identifier. That way, when the site updates with a newer strip, our link will still point to the comic in question. Thanks, and we look forward to your submissions!

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