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Legal issues, chipset problems holding up AT&T's MediaFLO launch?

Chris Ziegler

"As early as possible" in 2008 is getting less "early" by the minute, and details are starting to emerge on all the juicy drama going on behind the scenes at AT&T where the powers that be have been unable so far to get their long-overdue MediaFLO-based mobile TV network launched. Apparently, both LG and Samsung were rearing to show their launch devices (Samsung's Access is pictured here) at CES last month, and both were asked to pull 'em at the very last minute as it became apparent that AT&T wasn't ready to rock and roll, leaving LG with a rather awkward situation on its hands as some folks caught the Vu doing... well, absolutely nothing in the company's booth. Rumor has it that unspecified legal troubles and flaky mobile TV chipsets are both to blame, with delays hovering somewhere in the two to eight week range. Here's our simple question: if the network already exists (and it does, because Verizon's been using it for a year now), what the heck is so hard here?

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