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Microsoft teams with Russian firm to offer subscription-based PCs


It's not the first time it's dabbled in subscription-based PCs, but Microsoft looks to be taking things up another notch, with it now making a fairly big push into Russia. To that end, the company's teamed up with Russian cellphone operator Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, which will be offering the subscription-based PCs to all 85 million of its customers as part of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential program, although there's no word on exactly what the PC's will cost just yet. Details on the PCs themselves are also expectedly light, although they'll not surprisingly run Windows Vista, and will reportedly pack built-in mobile broadband access, which certainly makes sense given that it's a cellphone company offering them. According to The New York Times, the two companies are also working on some unspecified "mobile communications services" that'll be able to be accessed using the PCs, but it seems we'll have to wait for the June launch date before we know much more about that as well.

[Via The Open Road]

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