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One Shots: An awkward moment

Today's Lord of the Rings Online One Shots comes to us from Maerlin of Brandywine. We really aren't quite sure what to make of it, save that this NPC giant apparently didn't read our column yesterday on the best ways to (discreetly) handle virtual romance! There again, we wouldn't have such a strange screenshot to share with you today if he had. As Maerlin told us:

I was traversing the Misty Mountains when I came upon a Giant and his pet. I quietly excused myself and ran as fast as I possibly could in the other direction. I hold this picture as blackmail whenever I have to pass through this particular Giant's territory.

We don't know if we'd have had the courage (or is it the stomach, perhaps?) to snap this particular screenshot, but it certainly gave some of us a good chuckle. If you're feeling brave, and would like to show off some of your blackmail photos, or just fun and funny things you've seen in your game of choice, then send those screenshots in to us here at! Without your screens, we have to pilfer the screenshot folders of the staff here -- and they get really edgy when we go near their screenshot folders for some reason...

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