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Today's least representative video: TrackMania DS trailer

Kyle Orland

We love the idea of the bullshot. Since the term was first coined by Penny Arcade, we've been seeing the phenomenon absolutely everywhere. Well, tonight we're here to tell you something potentially obvious but nonetheless important -- the bullshot phenomenon doesn't apply exclusively to screenshots. It can be applied to videos as well.

Case in point, the new "debut" trailer for TrackMania DS. Sure, the trailer doesn't exactly purport to be a direct feed video from the DS screen. But between the super-shiny, high-resolution cars racing out of the DS' GBA slot and the disembodied stylus creating a dynamically winding track, the line between marketing and outright lying is a little too fune for our tastes. Now we just wish we had a term for this specific phenomenon. Vide-lie? Fabrica-trailer? Prevarica-deo? We're stumped.

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