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Verizon has LG Chocolate and enV replacements enroute

Chris Ziegler

Originally, we'd thought LG's VX10000 Voyager was the spiritual successor to the VX9900 enV; they share a form factor, after all, and let's not forget that 9900 + 100 = 10000. Something wasn't quite right, though -- the Voyager just seemed a tad too upmarket to reach the entire enV fan base. Sure enough, phoneArena has come across the enV's true successor, the rather anonymously-named VX9100, that features a far slicker exterior display and keypad that the phone it replaces, an internal QVGA display 2 megapixel camera, and microSD slot.

That's not the only iconic Verizon model getting re-upped, though. The VX8550 Chocolate is starting to get just a little long in the tooth, and it looks like the VX8610 will swoop in to take its place. The navigation wheel gets replaced with a trackball (we have a feeling we're going to start to see this more and more) surrounded by four keys, but the massive new feature on this sucker is an integrated, detachable Bluetooth headset that stows on the slider's backside -- a patent that archrival Samsung curiously filed for last year. It should feature a 2 megapixel cam, QVGA display, and microSD slot just like its QWERTY cuz. phoneArena reports that both models are expected by the end of the second quarter.

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