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Verizon's FiOS TV coming to Ramapo, New York

Darren Murph

More FiOS TV in New York? Why, yes please! And hey, it's not like you can really blame Verizon -- after all, the Empire State leads the nation in HD adoption. That being said, we're pleased to announce that Ramapo, NY is next on the list to receive the outfit's fiber-based television service, as the New York Public Service Commission just recently "issued an order confirming Verizon's video franchise with the town." Reportedly, the Town of Ramapo's franchise blankets select portions of Hillcrest, Ladentown, Monsey, Tallman, Viola, Northeast Ramapo and Western Ramapo, and while an actual launch date has yet to be set in stone, Verizon senior vice president for New York and Connecticut did say that it was coming "soon."

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