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Warrior Epic's intriguing game mechanics


We're watching the development of Warrior Epic with great interest. For me, part of the attraction is its unique visual set, which I've mentioned before. However, Brice Lucas, Community Manager for Possibility Space, the group that's developing WE, gave a few more intriguing tidbits concerning how WE will play that have me looking forward to playing this even more.

First, while we're all familiar with the way death is handled in MMOs, WE offers something a little different. According to Brice, in addition to the standard resurrection of your character, you may also choose to leave him dead, and attach his spirit to another of your characters. Doing so will allow you to use a special spirit attack in battle that your dead warrior will activate. The efficacy of this attack will depend on the warrior's strength and level at the time of his death.

Another interesting notion is that of your Hall. Over the course of your game, you will build a special headquarters called a Hall, which will give you access to special equipment, new warriors, player buffs, and more. At this point, it's not been made clear how you will grow your Hall, but I like the idea of having a place to come back to at the end of a long day's adventure.

Finally, while not a gameplay mechanic, Brice mentions Download on Demand, their digital distribution system for their game client. A ridiculously tiny file, reportedly around 400k, will run from wherever on your computer you choose to install it. When it runs, it will download game content as you need it, meaning that you could conceivably play the game from any computer, very quickly, provided that it's potent enough to make play work in the first place. However, I do wonder how often you'll need to download new content; might there be long waits while you run from zone to zone, as the art assets load?

Regardless, WE is shaping up to be something cool, from the sound of it. It's just entering closed beta, so we will know more fairly soon!

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