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Massively's Massive Giveaways: Tabula Rasa winners!

For those of you who were with us from the very first day, you'll undoubtedly remember the huge, nay Massive giveaway we did for the launch of both Massively, and Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa! After a full 24 hours of giveaways, requiring some tag-team lead work to ensure all day and night coverage, many pots of coffee, and many (no, really -- many) emails later, we wanted to make sure we listed all the people who won something on that very first day. (If we missed anyone in the listing, we sincerely apologize, but there was quite literally a small army of you!) Congrats to all of you!

Winners: DJTyrant, Mike, Scott, Moragaine, Burgdorn, Phillip, Efigyuge, Kyle, Aaron, rshum, Jaime T., BooLeiU, Rex, JackFrostt, Rudy, lavagoat, TwistedBishop, Chris, Finalpro, Jerry, Ryan O, Hammerfel, Squatch, Ghen, Sam, Xavier R., Arlendor, Bigfoot, Darrel H., sevendegrees, Pidge, Tom, mrbitter, Phillip, tecnocrat, Hardtarget, juicehandy, Steve, Nuleren, David, fattycop, davee, Chok, Bryce, VerticyX, Alex, Reise, Sam (another Sam), Psyclerk, UnknownGamer, mrbitter, Sil, sevendegrees, Finalpro, Robert H., Demolina, JD, nothingshocking, and finally, our lucky iPod winner, Shawn!
We'd like to thank everyone who has helped our first few months here at Massively be as massive as they've been! It's only going to get better from here. We just closed up another round of applications yesterday, we've got some insanely cool things coming this next week, (we bet some of you can guess what's going on!) and we're working on things that you all told us we needed to work on in the last round of "How are we doing" questions.

Good things in store as we build Massively up -- more coverage, more interviews, more unique content and most of all -- more fun. Stay tuned!

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