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Banjo 3 isn't going to be so traditional

Dustin Burg

Rare's latest community Q&A answer session of Scribes has brought forth a small nugget of Banjo-Kazooie 3 information regarding the game's platformer gameplay. According to a Rare employee, "Banjo won't be a shooter (unless we sell no copies like Ghoulies and out of desperation give him a gun for the next game) but it also won't be a traditional platformer." The Rare team even goes as far to say that they "somewhat grandly like to think that [Banjo-Kazooie 3] will be a different take on the genre". Now that friends, is setting the bar high. They also confirm that Banjo 3 will feature some sort of multiplayer gameplay and promise it'll be teh hawtness. And really, we just want to see the game in action as we're ever so curious to see how this hush-hush title will look, feel and play. Eagerly. Awaiting. More. Details.

[Via 1UP]

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