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Forum post of the day: BOE Vortexes

Amanda Dean

In a post entitled BOE Vortexes a SLAP in the FACE to CRAFTERS Solarissa of Korgath claims that changes on the public test realm for patch 2.4 would devalue the efforts of crafters. She says that allowing players to purchase or farm their own materials would greatly reduce profits for crafters who have invested vast amounts of time in farming materials for their epic patterns, such as the Belt of Blasting. Instead of hefty auction house prices, they would receive meager tips for their crafting efforts. Disenchanted crafters believe that this change would make it so there is no way at all to earn money with trade skills.

Responses vary from stalwart agreement to arguments that this change would actually drive up the prices for crafted items. Sylindra of Moonrunner is pleased with the change. She feels that it unfair for non-crafters to have to pass on Nether Vortexes since they could only be used by players whose primary characters were crafters. The materials could go into guild banks, or be given to non-crafters to sell on the auction house for a tidy profit of their own.

Personally, I'm excited about the change. As I've mentioned previously, I'm not a raider and never will be, but it thrills me that someday my Lionheart Blade may become a Lionheart Executioner. I've already dumped a ridiculous amount of gold into Blacksmithing just to get my sword, I'd be willing to spend a lot more to upgrade it. As with all changes on the public test realm, there is no guarantee that this will ever go live.

How do you think BoE Vortexes will affect your game?

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