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Sunday Morning Funnies: Swindle my kindle

Amanda Miller

It's Sunday morning on a holiday weekend, and we've got the funny stuff. From a star-struck quest to an inventive new attack, to some puns that backfire, this week you're sure to be entertained.

  1. Thanks to Andrew for the tip on Awkward Zombie's first WoW-themed comic, due to the artist having recently subscribed to WoW. Check out Swindling Kindling!
  2. Also check out Grimfate's mage envy with this Comic Contest Honorable Mention!
  3. Clutch Time from Action Trip.
  4. Dark Legacy Comics presents Keydar isn't Punny.
  5. From Extra Life comes Questing of the Stars.
  6. Shakes and Fidget visit A New World. Check out get buffed for more comics.
  7. GUComics wants you to Stop Crying.
  8. LFG #121.
  9. Silent...Deadly from Ding!
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Voting results from the week of February 3rd 2008 to February 9th 2008
Two comics really shone above the others, taking 69.9% of the vote between the two of them, with no other comic reaching even 8% of the vote. It's the little things from Extra Life brought in 37.9% of the vote, and The Circle of Life from Dark Legacy Comics racked up 32% of the vote.

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