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The best video game costumes at Katsucon '08

Kyle Orland

Sometimes it might seem like we here at Joystiq are wedded to our jobs -- that we spend every waking moment aggregating and writing about the latest video game news. Well that's just not true. We do get out occasionally, you know. To anime conventions, for instance.

But even when we're supposedly "relaxing" at incredibly nerdy gatherings, like this weekend's Katsucon in Washington DC, we can't help but think of you, the reader, and how we can be serving you. With that in mind, please enjoy the below gallery, which features some of the more unique/interesting game-related costumes on display by attendees (not included: the million or so Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts related costumes around. Come on guys... originality counts!)

Gallery: Katsucon '08 costumes | 19 Photos

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