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Dress yourself completely in Badge loot

Zach Yonzon

Our awesome friends over at MMO Champion have discovered more about the new loot that have been previously uncovered, revealing the prices of Badge of Justice loot from the much-awaited Patch 2.4. Prices start at 45 Badges for off-hand frills, a moderate price jump from the 25 Badges of the original loot and 35 for the two new items from Patch 2.3. The as-of-yet-unnamed rings (creatively named "Sunwell Badge Loot - <insert class archetype here> Ring") cost 60 Badges while it takes 75 Badges to purchase belts or gloves. The high prices are a precedent set by Patch 2.3 with such items as the Amani Mask of Death or the Battlemaster trinkets (75 Badges).

Of course, with better gear comes a higher price, and some armor pieces go for a whopping 100 Badges. What's truly cool about the new Badge loot, however, is the availability of Main Hand (and Two-Handed) weapons, which top the price list at a staggering 150 Badges! The good news is, Badges of Justice are dropping everywhere now, with the patch notes stating that all raid bosses now drop Badges of Justice, including the 25-man ones, who drop 2.

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The Badge weaponry now makes it possible to very nearly completely to gear oneself entirely through obtaining ridiculous amounts of Badges of Justice -- from armor to rings to cloaks to trinkets and now to main hand weapons. Because Badges are easily obtainable through Heroic runs, the new Patch is proving to be the most casual-friendly update that Blizzard has ever come out with. The new loot allows players who never get the chance to experience 25-man content to obtain comparatively good gear. The Badge system is looking great so far, and we might still see it in some form or the other in Wrath of the Lich King, despite what Blizzard says. Of course, as Daniel wrote, these prices can still change from the PTR to the live servers. What's sure, though, is that it's probably a good idea to start running those Heroics (and 10-man raids, or course) right now!

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