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Hands-on with the Samsung M520 for Sprint

Chris Ziegler

We've had a chance to screw around with Sprint's just-announced M520 slider from Samsung, and in brief, it's exactly what a $50 phone should be: solid, attractive, and svelte. Before we even turned it on for the first time, we noticed that the phone actually has a very premium appearance on account of a chromed front that looks good without being tacky or overdone (though we can imagine there are some folks out there who wouldn't be caught dead with even the smallest touch of shiny on their handset). It's thin, the interface is attractive and snappy, and the whole package really does feel solid; don't get us wrong, there's plenty of plastic here, but you wouldn't know it from the slide mechanism's slick feel. Check out the whole gallery below.

Gallery: Hands-on with the Samsung M520 for Sprint | 23 Photos

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