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How to use the Lunar Festival for easy lowbie travel


Are you new to the game and would like to visit all the major cities of your faction? Or do you have a bunch of lowbie alts (like me) that are stranded near their starting area? If so, make use of the Lunar Festival to get your lowbies out and about.

One of the great things about the Lunar Festival is that you get a free trip to Moonglade and then you can teleport to all of the major old world cities in your faction. (No, they won't let you travel to the major cities of the opposite faction. Sorry.) I found this particularly useful with my Draenei and Blood Elf noobs so that they can go out and see the world.

Why would you want to get your lowbie out and about so young?

Weapon skills: You can use the teleports to go to the Weapons Masters in each city and get all of your missing weapons skills. Don't forget training weapons skills costs 10 silver each, so if you are new to the game or just the server, you may need to make some money before you take the trip.

Flight paths: Making the trip to Ironforge as a young Draenei or Night Elf can be quite the harrowing experience. And the trek for non-Tauren Hordies over to Thunder Bluff is extremely time consuming. But the Lunar Festival ports are shortcuts to these cities and their flight paths.

Recipes: The Crispy Bat Wing recipe in Brill is great for budding Blood Elves when they get to Ghostlands. The fishing recipes in Rutheran Village and outside of the Undercity can help you level your cooking while you level your fishing. There are lots of other recipes and patterns that are strewn about in noob towns that would be helpful to those who are questing far away.

Experience: Visiting all of these places can really fill up your experience bar at a low level. Also, the quest you complete in Moonglade is worth 1250 XP which is about half of a bar at level 5.

Faction: Faction means lower prices as well as the ability to get mounts from other races later in the game. As Alex pointed out, chatting with the Elders along the way will increase your faction across the board which will make it easier for non-twinks to afford the necessities earlier on.

Pretty clothes: Ok, this isn't for everyone. But at the loss of only 8 armor, my level 6 warlock is styling in her pretty green dress.

How do you get all of this free travel?

  • Get thee to a major old world city.
    • If you are a Draenei, you need to get to Darnassus. Take the boat which is west of The Exodar. This will take you to Auberdine, pick up the flight path there (and get the coin from the Elder) and then head back to the docks to pick up the boat to Rutheran Village (the boat on your right as you are running from the Inn). Once in Rutheran Village, pick up the flight path, then head through the pink portal to Darnassus.
    • If you are a Blood Elf, you need to get to the Undercity. Go to the Sunfury Spire in Silvermoon City which is behind the Court of the Sun and teleport to the Undercity. Go down the stairs and turn right until you get to the pretty bright lights. (I recommend running inside and down the elevator to pick up the flight path there too.)
  • There is a questgiver (Lunar Festival Herald) by the bank, or you can just go to where the bright lights and revelers are to talk to the questgiver (Lunar Festival Harbinger) there. The locations of the festivities per city are:
    • Stormwind City: The Park
    • Ironforge: The Mystic Ward
    • Darnassus: Cenarion Enclave
    • Orgrimmar: The Valley of Wisdom
    • Thunder Bluff: The Elder Rise
    • Undercity: The Ruins of Lordaeron just before the elevators
  • Get the quest, buy the fireworks off of the vendor, set them off and complete the quest.
  • You will receive an invitation, walk inside the spotlight and right click on the invitation to port to Moonglade.
  • The invitation has a 10 minute cooldown, so I recommend walking up the path to Moonglade proper and turn in your quest for the 1250xp.
  • Return to the party and then choose one of your faction's cities that you haven't been to and when the invitation has cooled down, right click it.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat for the other city.

Again, don't forget to pick up your flight paths and train your weapons skills. For Blood Elves, the best caster weapons you get for many levels are staves, so you want to train those in Orgrimmar or Thunder Bluff during your travels.

Also, while waiting for your invitation to cool down before traveling back to Moonglade, go to the nearest lowbie city and chat with the elder there. You get the extra faction and zone discovery XP as well as a coin you can turn in back at Moonglade. 5 coins gets you a pretty dress or pantsuit to wow the noobs with when you go back to questing.

When you're done, just hearth back to where you were questing.

I find that having all of my weapons skills and major city flight paths makes the lower levels much more pleasant. The Lunar Festival continues until the 23rd so you still have a few days to get your lowbies out and about. Have fun!

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