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Monster brings Speed-Rated HDMI cables to Canada, gross markup likely in tow

Darren Murph

We didn't believe Monster's claims when it rolled those Speed-Rated cables out here in the US, and we certainly don't think its savvy marketing will increase picture quality any more up north. Nevertheless, the cabling company notorious for snatching hard-earned dollars from unsuspecting shoppers who fall for glamorous packaging and wild claims is bringing its Speed-Rated line to Canada. Holding down the flagship position is the Ultra-High Speed MC1000EX, followed closely behind by the increasingly sluggish MC850HD, MC750HD and MC550HD. Apparently, the family will run Canucks $59.95 to $149.95 for one-meter editions, but we genuinely hope anyone reading this has better sense than to take 'em up on the "offer."

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