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Poll: "Almost there" HD sporting events, what's your take?

Steven Kim

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There's a great matchup tonight in college hoops pitting two Texas teams against each other: the Longhorns (11) will host the Aggies (#16). A cinema in Tyler, TX is going to be showing an HD feed of the game on the big screen (we shudder to think of an SD feed stretched out to about 70-feet). So, you get to enjoy HD and crowd interaction for $10. Bringing sports to theater/stadium type venues is nothing new, but it makes us wonder -- if people prefer HDTV to live sporting events (and EHD readers agreed), where do these "hybrid" offerings fit in? The price is way lower than the live venue, you still get crowd interaction and the creature comforts are not bad, either. So where do you weigh in? Sound off below!


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