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Asus HDTV Suite-HDMI turns your monitor into a TV

Nilay Patel

We've certainly seen our share of devices to bring your computer and TV together, but the HDTV Suite-HDMI from Asus brings it back the other way, providing a TV tuner and a variety of TV-oriented inputs for your computer monitor. The box accepts a host of inputs from HDMI to coax, converts, finesses and upscales the signal up to 1080p, and outputs over DVI or VGA, turning your old display into a viable television. The multiple inputs and TV tuner support PIP, and there's also a bundled remote to control the on-screen menus, completing the TV makeover. Sadly, there's no word on price, but PAL and NTSC support hints that we might see this box hit our fair shores -- looks like it's time for a monitor upgrade, eh?

[Via PCLaunches]

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