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Binatone's Carrera S350 navigator is nail friendly

Darren Murph

We're not exactly sure what makes a navigator one that women swoon over, but hooking it up with a pink or zebra striped faceplate is probably a good start. The Carrera S350 is pretty neutral right out of the box, sporting just a white frame, a 3.5-inch LCD, integrated MP3 player, camera alerts and 2D / 3D maps of the UK and Ireland. But this piece gets all kinds of wild when the aforementioned fascias take over. Furthermore, Binatone even asserts that a stylus is included "for those with nails to protect," and just in case you aren't up to speed on your technobabble, the firm informs you that a stylus is simply "a wand for pressing the screen." Don't be too insulted, ladies -- it's only £99.99 ($197).

[Via Pocket-lint]

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