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Changes hits 1.0


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Ian Baird at Skorpiostech has been hard at work polishing up Changes, the new OS X directory comparison and file differencing utility, for a 1.0 release. We covered the beta at the end of last year and the program received a significant amount of feedback from testers in the months following, producing a high-power app that makes managing the differences between files and folders a breeze.

Changes is Leopard-only and leverages Core Animation and Quick Look for a refined user experience. If you're a FileMerge user, you'll probably find the power and ease-of-use of Changes to be a welcome step forward. And it fits into just about any workflow with a CLI utility, a TextMate bundle, BBEdit menu scripts, TextWrangler menu scripts, XCode integration and F-Script support, in addition to Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, git, Perforce and other SCM systems. And its support for MacFUSE mounted volumes is ready for prime time.

Ian also tells us he's looking for a clever tagline for Changes (think BBEdit's "It doesn't suck"). He's given TUAW 2 free licenses to award to the best contributors, so take a stab at it in the comments! And for those less inclined to witty prose, Ian's offering $10 off of the $39.95 price tag (25%) with the coupon code TUAW, which is valid for the next 2 weeks.

You can get a fully-functional, 15-day trial and licenses are available for purchase starting today.

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